Japanese Inward Investment in North East England

iflgThis new study, to be undertaken by Professor Tony Chapman, is funded by Institute for Local Governance and will conclude with a regional seminar on Japanese inward investment which, it is hoped, will take place at Teikyo University in Durham.  The study aims to get a better understanding of the social, cultural and economic  ‘journeys’ Japanese companies have made in establishing themselves in the North East.

The study will explore what attracted Japanese firms to establish in the North East and see how well industrial interactions and employee relationships have become embedded in economic, political and cultural terms. The study will also find out what contribution Japanese inward investment has made to strengthening social growth in North East England.

Interviews will take place with senior executives in Japanese firms which are well established in the region together with Hitachi which is building a major new plant in Newton Aycliffe. Professor Chapman will also interview key stakeholders in local authorities, chambers of commerce and local politicians to assess what can be done to build an enterprise culture in the region by capitalising on Japanese inward investment.