Young People & Society Study Group

Academics at Durham University, from across a wide range of departments, institutes and colleges, have established a strong reputation for the study of young people and society. St Chad’s College hosts an interdisciplinary study group of academics and post-graduate students who have shared interests in this field of work. The study group meets three times a year to discuss current issues concerning young people and society.

The study of young people at Durham is approached from many disciplinary and inter-disciplinary perspectives including: anthropology, business studies, cultural studies, geography, health, history, politics, psychology, religion, social policy, sociology, youth & social work amongst others.  A list of individual group members’ interests can be found here.

The position of young people in society is explored thematically by Durham scholars. The following key areas of interest show the range and depth of study which is currently being undertaken.

  • Equalities: deprivation, social exclusion & marginalisation, ethnic diversity, gender & sexualities, disabilities
  • Environment and spatiality: migration, urban & rural society, conflict and disasters
  • Health and wellbeing: physicality, resilience & mental health, happiness & pro-sociality
  • Everyday life: culture & identity, consumption, leisure & sport, arts and culture, social media
  • Civil society: voluntary social action, civic engagement, politics & social movements, third sector interventions
  • Social mobility: education & employability, paid work, virtual mobilities
  • Relationships: families & households, friendship & loneliness, domestic violence, life transitions & critical incidents
  • Research methodologies: comparative methods, visual sociology, autobiography, narratives, observation, quantitative data and analysis
  • Social policy: youth work, crime & antisocial behaviour, penality, unemployment, health, housing and homelessness, welfare benefits

We welcome members of academic staff and post-graduate students who are interested in the study of young people from any disciplinary or thematic perspective to join us in our meetings and helping to organise other events. If you are interested please use the contact page under the research button to let us know about you, or write directly to