Policy&Practice Annual Report 2020

Policy&Practice has had another productive year, culminating in several reports from our long-running Third Sector Trends Study of the voluntary and community sector which began in 2008.

It has been a difficult year for everyone in the voluntary sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Policy&Practice has been on the forefront of research in this domain – publishing a several reports on the impact of Covid-19 on charities, but also offering alternative explanations on how the sector might emerge from the pandemic as, in many ways, a stronger force to sustain civil society and contribute to social and economic recovery.

New projects have been secured for 2021.  Professor Fred Robinson has been commissioned by William Leech Research Fund to undertake a new project on ‘tainted money’ and how Christian organisations should respond.  Professor Tony Chapman, Sarah Green and Dr Tanya Gray have a new project on business innovation in local context for the North East Local Enterprise Partnership.

Full details of current work and last year’s achievements can be found in our Annual Report which can be downloaded here: Policy&Practice Annual Report 2020