The contribution sport can make to global social and economic wellbeing

Dr Iain Lindsey, School of Applied Social Sciences

The Commonwealth Secretariat will host a live debate on the role of sport in contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals on 6th April 2017. The event marks the 2017 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace the Commonwealth Secretariat is convening the 2nd Commonwealth Debate on Sport and Sustainable Development.

Two teams of experts and personalities drawn from across the Commonwealth will provide a reflective and entertaining debate on the motion: ‘Corruption in elite sport undermines the potential to promote development and peace through community sports’.

Details about the debate are available here:

The debate will coincide with the launch of a major new publication for the Commonwealth Secretariat by Dr Iain Lindsey and Professor Tony Chapman.  The book offers new thinking on how to implement new policy and practice to meet the ambitious goals set by the United Nations.

The guide builds on the work of previous Commonwealth publications that have presented analysis of the role of sport in progressing sustainable development. Aimed at governmental policy-makers and other stakeholders, it provides evidenced and balanced policy options to support the effective and cost-efficient contribution of sport towards six prioritised SDGs.

The report is underpinned by an emphasis towards strengthening the means of implementation and the measurement and evaluation of progress, as emphasised by the SDGs and existing Commonwealth principles. Developed through extensive Commonwealth Secretariat-led consultation with relevant experts and organisations, it represents an important addition to the growing body of SDP publications, guides and research.

For full details of the publication, go to this web address: