Advanced Rent

Who is this for?

The following information only applies to full time undergraduate and postgraduate students who will begin their studies this coming September/October, and wish to secure college accommodation. It does not apply to postgraduate students returning to College accommodation.

What do I need to do?

In order to confirm your offer of accommodation a payment of Advanced Rent is required. This is a portion of your accommodation charges that you pay in advance of your arrival and is £400 for new postgraduate students and £200 for new undergraduate students. A deadline date for the payment of Advanced Rent will be given to you within your accommodation offer and it is important that you complete this payment before the date stated. If the payment is not received, your accommodation offer may well be withdrawn.

Making this payment will mean that you agree to all terms and conditions for college accommodation, including any penalty charges incurred where appropriate. The Advance Rent payment is offset from the first termly instalment of the overall accommodation charges and is non-refundable payment. This is not a deposit.

How do I pay?

Payment of Advanced Rent for St Chad’s College is via bank transfer. At St Chad’s College all payments of Advanced Rent and accommodation fees must be paid directly to the College and NOT to Durham University. Please refer back to the bank details found in your accommodation offer letter and proceed with the payment of your Advanced Rent before the deadline given in the same email. The name of the payee for the purposes of bank transfer is ‘St Chad’s College’.

What if I need to withdraw?

There may be circumstances where you no longer require the college accommodation you have secured and it is important to note that the College will incur financial loss as a result of an early termination of a licence agreement. Please refer to Clause 8 in your Licence Agreement

There are limited exceptional circumstances when the College would agree to a refund which may include you being forced to withdraw from your studies at Durham University because:

  • you have failed to meet the academic conditions of your offer;
  • you have failed to obtain a student visa OR
  • you are prevented from attending by the introduction of new official travel restrictions related to Covid-19.

If a refund is confirmed, the room will no longer be deemed as secured by you and will be let by another student. If any of the above applies to you please contact the Vice Principal via email to