Organiser Information

In addition to the information provided for delegates, conference organisers are asked to note the following information:

Access:  The main entrance to the College is on North Bailey. The College door is locked at midnight, but your College room key will allow you 24-hour access to the building. As mentioned before, guests brought into the College by delegates are the responsibility of their hosts and may not remain in the College between midnight and 7am.

Equipment: The College can provide screen, projector, sound, microphones etc as part of a conference. Any other electrical items must meet the current PAT testing.

Conference Programme: It would be appreciated if a copy of the draft conference programme could be sent to the Conference Office for information.

Dietary Requirements: Conference organisers are asked to ensure that they submit dietary requirements for their delegates to the College by the deadline that they are given.

Catering: Conference Organisers may not bring outside catering into the College.

Insurance: The College cannot accept any liability for delegates or their property and organisers are advised to arrange adequate cover.

Room Allocation: Room allocation will be undertaken by the College in consultation with Conference organisers. Organisers will be given a deadline for making specific requests on behalf of delegates for rooms of their choice.

Secretarial Services: Secretarial services, photocopying, fax and laminating facilities can be provided by prior arrangement.

Visiting the College: Conference organisers are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the College to view the facilities and discuss their needs.

Cancellation: Once a booking has been received in writing, a cancellation charge will be made if an event is cancelled.