Sed Vos Lindisfarne Trip

Lindisfarne Castle

Friday, the 10th of June, saw the students of St Chad’s descend upon the beautiful island of Lindisfarne for a great day of fun and exploration. Run by Chaplain Ashley Wilson and Sed Vos, the trip was a greatly appreciated escape from the Durham bubble. Misty and dull weather did not halt the enthusiasm to explore Holy Island and it only added to the mysterious atmosphere.

Walled Garden Lindisfarne
Walled Garden

Lindisfarne castle, architecturally very different from a traditional castle, sits proudly upon a hilltop ready to be discovered. Inside we found a ship room, historic kitchen and majestic views across the causeway, towards Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne village. The walled garden was designed by Gertrude Jekyll, a pioneering female horticulturist was also something to behold.

After a much needed ice-cream stop, we came across the Priory. These magnificent ruins are the last vestiges of a holy place built 1,400 years ago, once the home of St Cuthbert; thus they hold great significance for Durham students, in terms of both history and religion.

The Priory
The ruins of Lindisfarne Priory

Personally, Lindisfarne is one of my favourite places to visit; fond memories of past family holidays are now intertwined with new memories of a great day spent with fellow Chadsians.