Chad’s Students Celebrate Pride

On a sunny bank holiday, Monday 30th May, Durham geared up for the third annual Pride in the city’s history, and Durham colleges were eager to be involved. To get into the spirit of the day, as well as to learn some of the history of the Pride movement, Chadsians attended a screening of the 2014 film “Pride” on the Saturday before the big day, where popcorn and pizza were served in the Chapel and the film shown on the big screen. Those who attended all had good things to say about the film and there has already been talk of another such event. On the day itself, a group of Chad’s students gathered for the morning parade, where rainbow face paint was applied and the brand new Chad’s banner, created by Adam Robinson and a few helpers, was proudly flown. The parade was a great success, with almost double the number of supporters this year than in 2015, and even the Chad’s goat came along!

chads pride

In the afternoon, some Chadsians went to the Main Stage to watch a variety of special guest musicians, including Basshunter and the Cheeky Girls, while others attended the first ever Pole with Pride competition, featuring Chad’s own Izzy Niner, which bowled us all over with the high standard of performances. In the evening, an afterparty at Loveshack was also a great success. This year it was amazing to see far more Chadsians attending Pride than in recent years, and also to finally have a Chad’s banner to confirm the fact that Chad’s really is a proud college. I am really looking forward to attending both next year’s Durham Pride and a brand new programme of college Pride events throughout the year.