Feminism Society’s visit to St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School

13518044_10155072599058902_777530142_oTuesday 21st June saw a group of Fem Soc members travel to an all boys secondary school in Newcastle to discuss the topic of feminism with a group of students. The aim wasn’t to try and convert the boys of St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School into becoming feminists, but rather to encourage them to see beyond the common misconceptions and stereotypes.

Through in depth consideration and debate, exploring the ways in which feminism promotes the equality of sexes, something that is often overlooked or not fully understood. The boys presented strong arguments for their views and the level of engagement allowed a complex range of topics and issues, including the pay gap and social media pressures, to be considered. The group were very impressed with the students, and hope that they enjoyed the discussion as much as the team did.

Thank you again to Beth and St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School for inviting us.13499528_10155072599068902_1799468600_o