Requesting New Books

The Library has a fund to buy new books, and we welcome suggestions from all college students. We usually purchase according to the following guidelines:

a. Books which are on undergraduate reading lists

b. Books which are well used in the Main Library Short Loan section

c. Items generally cost less than £50

d. Copies available for purchase

We do have to cover a broad range of subjects so cannot buy everything, but it is always worth asking! Please send new book suggestions to the College Librarian below:

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Reason for request
Example Reasons:

- Main Library copies unavailable (all checked out)

- No copy in college library

- Cannot find college library copy

Dissertations, theses:

It is difficult to buy books for specific research topics as such books are very unlikely to be used again by other readers. However, we do have a number of books on research and writing generally and would welcome suggestions to add to this section.