SCR Conversations

The SCR Conversations provide an opportunity to learn about, and discuss, the work of invited speakers, prior to a formal dinner. The speakers, many of whom are members of the SCR, will include university staff, working in the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences, but also people making a distinctive contribution to the cultural, social, and political life of Durham City and the North-East. In these informal, small-scale sessions, a brief interview with the speaker opens out into a wider conversation with all present, which can continue, for those attending the formal, over drinks and dinner. The SCR Conversations, which are open to all members of the SCR, MCR, and JCR interested in the work of the speakers, take place on Tuesdays, two or three times each term,  from 6.15 to 7.00pm, in the SCR – or, if more space is required, in the Williams Library.

Questions about the SCR Conversations can be directed to the SCR Academic Officer (currently Colin Crowder).

Epiphany 2024 Speakers

This term, the SCR Conversations will feature three speakers:

Tuesday 30th January, 6.15-7.00pm, SCR
Tetiana Vodotyka
Tanya is a historian, who specialises in urban studies, business history, and the history of Ukraine, focusing on the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A Senior Researcher at the Institute of History of Ukraine, which is based in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv, she is currently a CARA Research Fellow based in Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study. She is the founder and chief editor of the urban studies e-journal MIKS (City: History, Culture, Society), and the Director of a new MA in Urban Development and Post-War Reconstruction at the Kyiv School of Economics. At Durham, she is working on a project at the intersection of memory studies and business history.

Tuesday 13th February, 6.15-7.00pm, SCR
Alison Clark
Alison is Head of Culture, Sport and Tourism for Durham County Council, and formerly Area Director North, and Director, Combined Arts, for Arts Council England. She has extensive experience in the public and nonprofit sectors, focusing on arts and culture management, and she was the Director of ‘Durham 2025’, County Durham’s bid to become UK City of Culture. She is a Fellow of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, University of Maryland, Washington DC.


Tuesday 27th February, 6.15-7.00pm, SCR
Simon Williams
Research Associate, Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, Durham University