Welfare Events

The welfare events are a chance for everyone at Chad’s to stay connected. In previous years, these have included café crawls, welfare walks, art therapy, mental health awareness days and puppy therapy! The café visits are a chance for people to come together for coffee and cake in a relaxed and friendly environment. The MCR Welfare Facebook page ensures that all students are regularly updated with welfare events and updates.

We also offer welfare chats for anyone to come along to talk about emotional problems, such as stress, homesickness or anything on their mind, in a more private and confidential setting. Just get in touch with any members of the Committee using the details below:

ChairmanMichael Aspin
Deputy ChairsLucinda Murphy
Imogen Ridley
Katherine Donovan
Wendy Gill
Sports OfficersNana Beganova
Cameron Messenger
The first stop on this year’s café crawls
Welfare walk to Finchdale Priory