Postgraduate Student Welfare

The St Chad’s College MCR Welfare Team is here to make sure that all Chadsians of the MCR feel welcome, supported and well taken care of during their time here. The Welfare Committee is led by Rachael Coulthard, who sits on the MCR’s Executive Committee as the Welfare and Accommodation Chairman. In this capacity, she also acts acts as a point of contact for livers in. The Committee consists of two Deputy Chairs, Josh Burford and Lucinda Murphy, who assist the Chairman in helping organise welfare events and co-ordinating any campaigns the Committee may wish to hold. Sirui Gong sits on the Committee as our International Representative, and she acts as a port of call for any of our international students who wish to raise issues they may have. Wendy Gill represents all students who live out of college accommodation as our Livers-out Representative, and she has an important role in encouraging students who live out to get involved with all aspects of college life. She also serves as representative for the mature students who belong to the MCR.

Lastly, sport falls under the remit of the Welfare Committee, and this year, Ed Hubbard is our Sports Representatives. It’s his job to advertise college sport to the MCR, and liaise with the College sports captains and JCR representatives to ensure that the appropriate sports levies and gym membership fees are paid.

The welfare team are an active and approachable presence around college in supporting students, listening and giving advice for other support. Studying for a postgraduate degree is of course an exciting and rewarding challenge. However, we are more than aware that it can also be quite stressful and overwhelming at times. The welfare team are here to help make sure everyone feels supported throughout the ups and downs of college life, and that no one feels alone whilst having to write up the next thesis, essay, or report! Whether the problem seems big and daunting or whether it’s just more of a little niggle on your mind, the whole team are always on hand to listen, and have a chat….preferably with tea and biscuits!

Get in touch at stchadsmcr.welfare@durham.ac.uk or follow us on Facebook.

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