The MCR Executive Committee is a group of MCR Officers who, in addition to their specific duties, have collective responsibility for the affairs of the MCR.

A number of non-Executive Officers are also involved in the day-to-day running of the MCR, from the Chair of General Meetings, to the members of the Welfare and Domestic Committees who keep the MCR membership and the Common Room itself functioning.


By default, all students at Durham are members of a Common Room, and so all postgraduate members of St Chad’s are automatically members of St Chad’s MCR. Mature undergraduates, those studying for a second undergraduate degree, or Chad’s undergrads in the fourth-year of an undergraduate degree are eligible to become Associate Members, and interested non-members of the College are also welcome to apply.

The MCR (via its Executive Committee) acts to represent Chad’s postgraduates to the College authorities. It is also one of the routes which Chad’s postgrads are represented to the  University, and to the University-wide Students’ Union. The MCR is governed according to our Constitution and Standing Orders, as well as by the University’s Code of Practice for Common Rooms. These set out both the general rules of the organisation, the rights of members (including the ability to opt-out of membership), and the responsibilities of its elected Officers.

There is at least one General Meeting of the whole MCR each term, which all members are encouraged to attend if possible. The General Meetings are when we discuss how to spend our money and other matters of how the MCR is run, and Minutes of previous meetings are published on the web and via email.

Executive Committee

Grégoire Payen de La Garanderie



Hello, I am the Vice-President (VP) of the MCR. The VP primary role is to assist the President and replace him at meetings when he is unavailable. This is somewhat the most flexible varied role of the whole committee and I will happily help with the organisation of the MCR wherever I can. For instance, I am organising the stash order each term. I am also in charge of the discipline in the MCR, which in the past, has thankfully been a light duty. On a personal level, I am also part of the academic committee. I hope that every MCR member will make the most of their time at St Chad’s and the MCR. If you have any suggestions to achieve this worthy goal or would like to discuss something else, please get in touch!

Emily Tupper



As treasurer of the MCR my role is primarily to keep the MCR accounts up to date and allocate budgets for various MCR activities. This involves allocating and spending money in ways that benefit as many MCR members as possible and provides good value for money. I also sit on the internal and external finance committee within the college, to ensure the MCR is represented in all levels of college administration and governance. I am always open to suggestions about how our money can be spent, so please do get in touch if you have any ideas about what you would like to get out of your MCR membership. 

Michael Aspin



Hello fellow Chadsians! My name is Michael and I'm delighted to be your Secretary this year. Officially, this means I'm in charge of going to meetings, taking the minutes and then sharing them with you all via e-mail! It's my second year in the MCR; last year I was Welfare Chairman and it's my fifth year overall in St. Chad's, so I know my way around! I'm training to be a history teacher, so I'm busy during the week, but you can find me around on Sundays working in the college library, volunteering in the Cathedral or occasionally working behind the Chad's reception desk!

If you have any questions about college life, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Sophie Pinto

Academic Officer


Hi Everyone! This year I have the pleasure of being your MCR Academic Affairs Officer. Predominantly this consists of two tasks: arranging the research forums and overseeing the publication of Foundation – the college’s academic journal. Both of these are designed to help individual members of the MCR showcase their expertise and passions. At the same time, it is an excellent way for the MCR to engage with other common rooms. Additionally, there will be other events put on throughout the year in a range of different formats. I’ve spent the past three years in Chad’s; I love our college and the members. So please, if you have any questions or suggestions just let me know!

Verity Smith

Social Secretary


Hello! My name is Verity and I’m one half of your MCR Social Secretary team this year. My role involves organising a number of social events, get togethers and activities for the MCR, as well as making sure you are well informed about social events happening in other colleges and the JCR. Please feel free to contact me and George if you have any suggestions for social events you would like the MCR to host this year – we are always open to ideas and would love to hear from you. 

George Jervis

Social Secretary


Rachael Coulthard

Welfare Officer


Issy Lyon-Maris

Domestic Officer


Non-Executive Officers

Joey Nelson