Chad’s MCR has a bustling social life with something for all tastes.

Many students stop by the common rooms to have a tea or coffee and a natter between lectures. During term time, there’s usually always a handful or two of postgraduates in the College bar, which offers cheap beverages all evenings 8–11pm.

We also have a social calendar to help everyone get through the academic terms (as well as during the summer of dreaded diss-writing for master’s students). The MCR Social Committee regularly host a wide variety of events for postgraduate students, including film nights in College and parties such as fancy-dress Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving.

The MCR also has a beer-tasting society, a wine-tasting society, and a croquet club.

During term time, College hosts ‘formal halls’ almost every Tuesday and Thursday. It’s much more relaxed than the formal dress code suggests (and Chad’s is very laid-back about these things anyway): formals are simply a nice meal with friends with a trip to the bar afterwards… Sign up with your university log-in.

Postgraduate students are also welcome at most JCR-organised events, such as the annual garden party. The JCR also run College balls.

The MCR Social Committee

As mentioned above, the MCR has a Social Committee to organise MCR events. Do you have a suggestion for an event, or do you want to help running events? Contact the committee now.