Welfare Committee

Executive Officers

Tom Wright

Welfare Officer

E-mail: tom.g.wright@durham.ac.uk

As Welfare Officer, it is my role to be a first port of call when supporting all members of the J.C.R with all welfare related issues, along with the rest of the Welfare Committee. This support will be non-judgmental, non-advisory and confidential where possible. I will also be able to signpost relevant services and organisations for specific issues. In addition, I will also be in charge of providing free sexual health and sanitary supplies to the JCR. If there is anything you want to come and see me about, or if you just want to come and say hi, have a chat and get to know me, you are always welcome!

Alice Watters

Assistant Welfare

E-mail: alice.g.watters@durham.ac.uk

As Assistant Welfare, my role is to be a port of call for all JCR members looking for non-judgemental and, where possible, confidential support with any welfare-related issue. It’s my job to distribute free sexual health and sanitary supplies to college and to work with the rest of the Welfare Committee to organise welfare-related events. If there’s anything troubling you, if you’d like information about other local support services, or if you just want to come and have a chat (tea and biscuits included!) then don’t hesitate to contact me as I’ll often be around college or you can drop us a message anytime.

Matthew Grannan and Adam Trusted

Assistant Welfare (Livers Out)

E-mail: matthew.grannan@durham.ac.uk adam.trusted@durham.ac.uk

As the Livers’ Out Assistant Welfare Officer, our primary role is to offer accessible non-judgemental, non-advisory, and confidential (where possible) listening support to all members of the JCR, with a particular focus on livers out. This may also include signposting to other services when appropriate. We also represent livers out in welfare meetings and campaigns to ensure these Chadsians have fair and equal access to support and wellbeing events. Along with the rest of the welfare officers, we also offer and distribute the full range of sexual health and sanitary supplies. We're always here for any member of the JCR, whether you’d like to talk about a particular issue or have a friendly chat about nothing in particular, often with tea and biscuits!

Emily Copeman and Alasdair Gardner-Smith

Campaigns Rep

E-mail: emily.copeman@durham.ac.uk alasdair.j.gardner-smith@durham.ac.uk

As the Welfare Campaigns Representative, we help to distribute info about DSU campaign weeks, and helping organise relevant events with other members of the committee and SocComm. We attend welfare committee meetings and liaise with the welfare officers. Furthermore, we keep close contact with the disability, LGBTA+ and international students' representative and social secretary as well as helping the welfare office to provide important info to the JCR regarding welfare issues with particular focus on DSU welfare campaigns.