The role of the welfare team within college is to provide a listening service whether for information, to talk about a certain issue, or just for a chat.

How does College Welfare Work? Coming to uni is a very exciting time, but it can also be really daunting and unnerving. Though most people are very happy most of the time, there are those who are not whether you are missing home, having trouble settling in or have something else on your mind. That’s where the college welfare team come in. We provide a 24-hour, confidential listening service to allow you to come and talk to another student about anything whether you are simply bored and fancy a chat or there is something else is bothering you. We don’t just talk to people about the big things, we are there to help with any problems of any size. We also have loads of information leaflets and we can point you in the right direction if you need contact details for hospitals, clinics or professional advice.

So, how do you find us? The team are always around college, in the bar, at bops, in the JCR or at meals, and you should be able to recognise us from the photos up on the boards around college, and on this website. We will be around during freshers week so hopefully all freshers will soon know our faces. Our numbers and email addresses are up on welfare notice boards around college. Please visit our Facebook page to stay up to date with useful information, events and campaigns!