Boat Club

Boat Club is the college’s rowing team, made up of men’s and women’s crews of all abilities. We take complete beginners and teach them over the first term ready to compete in Novice Cup, where we find the best new crew from all the colleges.


If you have experience we will give you the opportunity to trains for local heads and regattas!


We will be at the Fresher’s Fair and would invite any and all to try rowing or coxing, and if you have experience you can carry on your favourite sport here in a supportive, competitive, and social environment. IMG_7215

Welcome to the club!

Executive Committee

Lorna Howie

Boat Club Captain


Elisabetta Cavallo

Women's Captain


Sophie Green

Captain of Coxes


As captain of coxes for the boat club, my role is to ensure all outings have a cox so everything runs smoothly. I am also involved in recruiting lots of baby coxes and helping them to become the best they can! If you are even the slightest bit interested, please do drop me a message!

Yanmin Zhuchen



My role as SCCBC Treasurer is focused on making sure that our Boat Club has sufficient funds to offer a safe and invaluable experience to all our rowers, wherever they are in their rowing careers. From budgeting our annual Winter Ball to collecting subs and race payments, the task of keeping our Boat Club afloat (yes, I made the pun) is one I thoroughly enjoy and value.

Alaistair Breeze

Sponsorship and Alumni Officer


As Sponsorship and Alumni Officer for Boat Club, it is my role to attempt to interface past and present boat clubbers together. In addition, it is also my job to develop the club through projects with the help of sponsors. Any alumni out there, I would love to hear from you so please get in touch

Hilaire Wong



As secretary, my role is to help organise meetings and take minutes. But being a boat club secretary means more fun than that! I'm in charge of organising stash stash stash (whether they are casual clothing or technical wear, with some flair pieces thrown in the mix) and signing crews up for races and regattas throughout the year.

Issy Lyon-Maris

Health and Safety Officer


My role as Boat Club Health and Safety Officer is to ensure that all the equipment, and the Club itself adheres to the safety regulations set by both British Rowing, and Durham itself. I am also required to run the swim test to make sure that all rowers are capable of safe rowing practice.

Saoirse Freeman

Social Secretary