Executive Committee

Jack Angers

Senior Man


As Senior Man (JCR President), my role is essentially to represent and further the interests of undergraduates at Chad's to make sure that life at this college is as good as it can possibly be. I have overall responsibility for all JCR events and activities. On a day-to day basis, I meet with college management, the JCR Exec and other JCR Presidents to ensure everything runs smoothly. As Chad's is an independent college, we’re not run, owned or managed by the university and so the staff really do listen to our opinion as students. No issue is too great or too small, so if you ever have a suggestion on how to improve college life, feel strongly about an issue, or just want to have a chat about anything at all, get in touch - that's what I'm here for

Anna Ball


As VP, my job is varied. I deputise to Jack, our Senior Man, and Represent the JCR at any meetings or events that he cannot attend. I organise our college Open Days as well as overseeing Freshers’ Week as Head Freshers’ Rep. I’m also in charge of discipline, which is thankfully a small role in such a wonderful community as ours, but you’ll still get an unwelcome e-mail from me if you’re too naughty. I also organise all of the college merchandise, from sports and graduation photos to our wide range of personalised college clothing (or ‘stash’). My favourite part of being Vice-President is getting to know everyone, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line or find me in the JCR or the bar!

Chloë Hellier

Welfare Officer


As Welfare Officer, it is my job to be there for any member of the JCR should they require support. Along with the Welfare Committee, I am there to provide confidential and non-judgmental support to the JCR. I can signpost you to organisations and University services for specific queries, or give you free sexual health supplies. You are always, always welcome to come and see me for a chat or a cup of tea and a biscuit. I’m always around college so feel free to come chat to let me know how you are finding Chad’s life!

Rose Minshall

Secretary/ Livers Out Representative


Secretarial bits and bobs entail a good deal of agendas and minutes, and other miscellaneous jobs, such as putting together the yearbook, and very importantly, writing the Freshers' handbook! As Livers Out Rep, I provide a link between college and Chadsians that live out, so you’ll hear more from me when it comes to house hunting for your second year abode.

Dan Bateson



I'm Dan, your JCR Treasurer. I look after the JCR accounts, collecting payments and paying the invoices. I use a lot of spreadsheets for Cashbooks and budgeting for different aspects of the JCR finances- sports, vending machines and the gym.

Shannon Sinclair

Domestic Representative


My job involves liaising with Catering,  Housekeeping and Maintenance at Chad’s to make sure you are all comfortable in your new home. I will also be sorting out Formals which will be every Tuesday and Thursday, except when Polly, your Social Sec organises themed formals. My most important job, in some people’s opinion, is stocking the vending machine- so let me know your snack cravings. I also have the lovely job of cleaning up sick in public areas in Chads, so consider me first before you party too hard!

Adán Shennan Farpón

Bar President


As Bar President I am in charge of the Bar Committee. 'BarCom' is made up of five undergraduates who manage various aspects of the day-to-day running of one of the most popular college bars in Durham. My job is to ensure that everyone else on the committee is doing their job as well as liaising with the Exec, Senior Management and helping with Social Events and College Balls. We've a great range of World Beers and Premium Spirits that regularly bring in visitors from all across Durham. With a great cosy atmosphere, Chad's Bar is the perfect place for a night out, as well as a casual drink after a long day of studying (and procrastination). In addition, anyone from Chad's (with a little training of course) can work the bar. All of the money we make each year is invested into various committees, sports and charity; with some money set aside to improve the bar. If it's not already evident, I love talking about the bar, so feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Polly Jacobs

Social Secretary


As the Social Secretary, I am the head of the Social Committee, whose job it is to put on all the college SocComm events throughout the year. These include regular themed formals and bops, termly mega-formals and the infamous Chad’s Day in March! We also help Anna, the VP, to arrange and run Freshers’ Week. The Chad’s social calendar is jam-packed year round and so it would be impossible to arrange all the events without the other members of the social committee!

Harriet Barsham

Senior Durham Students' Union Representative


Very simply put, I'm college's resident student politics nut (and I love it). As Senior Students' Union Representative my job is primarily to act as something of a middle man between Chad's and the Students' Union. I represent Chad's in Assembly, the SUs' legislature and look to defend our interests through discussing and voting on policy. I have a team of junior Students' Union representatives who help me in engaging as many Chadsians with the Students' Union as possible, be it through a society (of which there are too many to count) or getting involved with SU campaigns and initiatives. I also manage college's University Challenge team and write a very serious report on the feasibility of purchasing a goat (our college mascot) for the JCR.

Madeline Taylor

Sports Officer (Monkey)


As well as comprising of indulging in obscene quantities of fruit, nuts and biscuits (but mostly biscuits), climbing trees and pulling faces, the role of Sports Monkey (or what other, less fun colleges refer to as Sports Officer) consists of ensuring college sports runs as smoothly as it possibly can. This means that when I’m not running around on some field, court or pitch I can be found trying to make sport as enjoyable and as easy to integrate as possible for the students of St Chad’s College. So if you have any questions about sport, please seek me out as I will certainly be seeking you out to get you to join one of our teams.

Tash Garrood



My role is the JCR Chair, this means that I am responsible for ensuring our colleges constitution is upheld (which is more fun than it sounds). I Chair the full JCR meetings and oversee all elections, from Senior Man to the keeper of the college Snog Chart. I also make sure all sub committees are running well, but my favourite part of my job is creating the college “bog sheet” a weekly newsletter with interviews of college members, college news and gossip, the weekly social calendar and a fun puzzle to keep all Chadians entertained. 

Non-Executive Officers

Cormac Frazer

Alumni and Careers Officer


As the Careers and Alumni officer, It's my job to improve communication between the JCR and Alumni, facilitate the provision of careers guidance for JCR members, providing a bridge between the JCR and alumni, whilst also liasing with the sponsorship officer of the JCR. Feel free to get in contact.

Alastair Breeze

Computer Secretary


As computer officer, it is my job to ensure the upkeep of the college computers. This also includes the printer and just generally helping people out when they need to turn something off and on again. It is also my job to look after the website like upkeep and maintenance, something I have been working on for the past 2 years. Any tech problems, feel free to send me an email!

Lizzie Walkley and Dewi Humphreys

Environmental Representatives

E-mail: and

As environmental rep's we have three main roles. The first is to be the point of contact between Chad's and Greenspace; we 'represent' the JCR as it were. The second is to raise environmental awareness. The third, and the part of the role we're most looking forward too in the following year is hosting environmental themed events and initiatives.

Shannon Balram

Fair Trade Representative


Working closely with College staff, putting on Fairtrade events, promoting Fairtrade within college and getting Chad's Fairtrade accredited.  

Craig Bateman

Governing Body Representative


The Junior Common Room's Representative to the College Governing Body works alongside the Senior Man to ensure that the views, concerns, and aspirations, of the undergraduate community are taken into consideration when it comes to the strategic direction of the college.


My responsibilities include: attendance at Governing Body meetings each term and before the start of Michaelmas term, and at college Development Steering Group meetings; close liaison with the Senior and Executive Committee, concerning college events that are deemed important to the Governing Body; and keeping abreast of all pertinent university governance matters, through studying University Senate, Council, and Executive Council, minutes, and other committees or sub-committees; that are deemed relevant, ensuring that the Senior Man, and others, are always fully informed.

Abigail Ingram

Music Representative


As college music representative, it is my job to organise and promote music events in Chad’s. This includes finding performers (particularly Chadsians) for events such as the summer garden party and charity events throughout the year. I also have to meet with the music reps from the other colleges to keep college music running and to maintain our relationship with Music Durham. I hope to start more regular informal musical events throughout term in the form of lunchtime concerts and events organised alongside CharComm.