Executive Committee

Hala Heenan

JCR President


As JCR President, my role is to represent and further the interests of undergraduates at Chad's, to make sure that life at this college is as good as it can possibly be. Within College, I oversee all JCR events and activities, and meet with college management and the JCR Exec to ensure that everything runs smoothly. I also represent college interests at a wider University level, where I meet with other JCR Presidents and University executives to discuss University developments. As Chad's is an independent college, meaning we're not owned or managed by the university, student voice really does matter. No issue is too great or too small, so if you ever have a suggestion on how to improve College life, feel strongly about an issue, or just want to have a chat about anything at all, get in touch!


Joe Anson




As VP, my role is pretty varied around college. I deputise to Hala, our JCR President, representing the JCR at any meetings or events she cannot attend. As well as this, I organise our college Open Days and oversee Freshers' Week as Head Freshers' Rep, so will be an immediate friendly face for any new-coming students! I'm also in charge of discipline, which thankfully is a small role in such a wonderful community as ours, but you'll still get an unwelcome e-mail from me if you're too out of line. Not all emails from me are bad though; I organise all college merchandise, from sports and graduations photos to our wide range of personalised college clothing (or "stash"). I'm always looking for an excuse for a chat, so if you have any questions at all, feel free to send me a message or chat to me in the JCR or the bar!


Adam Trusted

Welfare Officer


As your JCR Welfare officer, I'm here to provide non-judgemental, non-advisory support to any member of the JCR, be that in person, on the phone, or over message, and it is confidential where possible. I chair the Welfare Committee who are there in the same capacity, and who run welfare campaigns through the year. We also provide sexual health and sanitary supplies to the JCR, and we can provide information on other support available within and outside of college. We are here if you want to talk about any issue, big or small, or if you just fancy a chat!

Nicole Woo



My job is to minute weekly JCR Executive Committee meetings as well as the termly JCR meetings. I aim to provide clarity and transparency of the decisions made and points discussed for the whole of the JCR. I also compile the Fresher's Handbook, the Livers Out Guide and the Yearbook. 


Manon Dafydd Jones



I look after all things money related; not only does this involve the two JCR bank accounts but also supervising the various subcommittees. Every quarter I update cashbooks and make VAT payments to the HMRC. I also budget for various aspects of college life such as the gym, vending machine and sports. Reimbursing students for purchasing things for the college is another important part of my job and if anyone has any ideas on what to spend on for the JCR, I am keen to listen! Spreadsheets are effectively my life. 


Sam Hewitt

Domestic Representative


As 'dom rep', I certainly hold one of the less glamorous positions on the JCR Executive Committee, but the unremarkable a I carry out are nonetheless essential for the functioning of St Chad's and its undergraduates. If you need loo roll, a sugar kick, or help cleaning up last night's mess, I'm your man. Also, if you have any domestic issues or ideas, I can communicate these to the relevant members of staff and ensure that they are followed up on. Basically, my job is to help make College as comfortable and homely as possible, so you'll find me and my house elves quietly working behind the scenes to maintain the college environment that Chad's is renowned and envied for.


Charlie Averre

Bar President


As Bar President I am in charge of the Bar Committee. 'BarCom' is made up of five undergraduates who manage various aspects of the day-to-day running of one of the most popular college bars in Durham. My job is to ensure that everyone else on the committee is doing their job as well as liaising with the Exec, Senior Management and helping with Social Events and College Balls. We've a great range of World Beers and Premium Spirits that regularly bring in visitors from all across Durham. With a great cosy atmosphere, Chad's Bar is the perfect place for a night out, as well as a casual drink after a long day of studying (and procrastination). In addition, anyone from Chad's (with a little training, of course) can work the bar. All of the money we make each year is invested into various committees, and sports with some money set aside to improve the bar. If it's not already evident, I love talking about the bar, so feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Primrose Sparkes

Social Secretary


As Social Secretary, my role involves running all of the social events throughout the year including Freshers’ Week, bops, formals, Chad's Day and much more! I am helped by my Social Committee in doing this. Essentially if it's fun, I'm involved.

Iszy Lewis

Senior Durham SU Representative


I'm the main link between the Common Rooms and the Student's Union, this involves representing and voting for the college at assembly meetings, publicising the activity of the students' union around college and managing the College's University Challenge team. 

Ryan Díes-Martin

Sports Officer


My role is the Sports Officer but here in Chad's, for reasons unknown, we call my role the Sports Monkey. My role is pretty simple - I help organise all of the sports teams in College including helping out captains and liaising with Team Durham to provide a enjoyable sporting experience to all students. St Chad's has the highest participation in college sports and I am here to help anyone and everyone to continue this. No matter what level of experience in the past, all individuals have the chance to try out and excel in whatever activity they want to, whether it be sports like Mixed Lacrosse or Rugby or just visiting the gym!

Non-Executive Officers

Olivia Adderley

Chair of the JCR


As your JCR Chair, my main responsibility is chairing all the JCR meetings and running election season, in a fair and impartial way. I also maintain the constitution of the JCR and I’m an independent liaison between the Executive Commit- tee and JCR members. Finally, I’m in charge of providing you with the weekly college newsletter (the Bogsheet).