Executive Committee

Lucie Goddard

JCR President


I am the current JCR President at Chad's. I look after the affairs of the JCR and manage the JCR Executive committee. I also represent our views as a student body to the wider University administration. Essentially, my role is to make sure your time at Chad's is as good as it can be by having overall responsibility for JCR events and activities. St Chad's is an independent college, we have the opportunity to command ourselves and shape the way that college is run. Therefore, the JCR is a really great thing to be a part of as it truly will affect your life at Durham.

Celine Kart

Vice President


As the Vice President of the JCR, my most important job is organising Freshers' Week! Besides this my role entails deputising the JCR President and handing out fines. On a more fun note, I'm also responsible for organising stash!

Sasha Miller

Welfare Officer


As your JCR Welfare officer, I'm here to provide non-judgemental, non-advisory support to any member of the JCR, be that in person, on the phone, or over message, and it is confidential where possible. I chair the welfare committee who are there in the same capacity, and who run welfare campaigns through the year. We also provide sexual health and sanitary supplies to the JCR, and we can provide information on other support available within and outside of college. We are here if you want to talk about any issue, big or small, or if you just fancy a chat. 

Oliver Higgins



Being secretary pretty much comes hand in hand with admin. I tend to do a lot of minute taking at exec and JCR meetings. I also have the delightful job of creating several handbooks including the freshers' handbook. The role also includes being Livers' Out Representative, which means organising various college events and supporting those who are living out of college this year.

Wilf Goodhart



As Treasurer, I deal with all financial elements of the JCR. I manage how much is spent on each aspect of college life (e.g. sport, household expenditure) and create a budget to allocate our yearly income into those channels. I also run the fi- nances of our annual Summer Ball, and manage the college subcommittees (e.g. Boat Club, Social Committee and Charities to name a few). If you want to start a new society in college, we have room in the budget for donations to help you kickstart your idea!

Lorna Reston

Domestic Representative


As Domestic Representative, my jobs are not always the most glamourous but are essential for ensuring life in our college buildings runs as smoothly as possible. The most mundane part is to clean up vomit, I also stock up our beloved vending machine in the JCR and facilitate feedback to our kitchen and cleaning staff daily. Organising formal sign-ups also falls under my remit, as well as responding to and passing on any student concerns regarding maintenance and food related issues. 

Kavi Gilani

Bar President


My role entails heading up a 5 person committee that handles the day to day running of the bar, as well as being a member of the exec. Working the bar provides a great opportunity to serve your mates and provide the means for people to have a great night in Chad’s.

Evie Oliver

Social Secretary


As Social Secretary, my role involves running all of the social eventsthroughout the year including freshers’ week, bops, formals, chads day andmuch more! I am helped by my social committee in doing this. Essentially if it's fun, I'm involved.

Ruby Forshaw

Senior Durham SU Representative


I'm the main link between the college and the Student's Union, this involves representing and voting for the college at assembly meetings, publicising the activity of the students' union around college and managing the College's University Challenge team. 

Nikhil Modem

Sports Officer


My role is the Sports Officer but here in Chad's, for reasons unknown, we call my role the Sports Monkey. My role is pretty simple, I help organise all of the sports teams in College including helping out captains and liaising with Team Durham to provide a enjoyable sporting experience to all students. St Chad's has the highest participation in college sports and I am here to help anyone and everyone to continue this. No matter what level of experience in the past, all individuals have the chance to try out and excel in whatever activity they want to, whether it be sports like Mixed Lacrosse or Rugby or just visiting the gym.

Non-Executive Officers

Jason Dhoray

Chair of the JCR


As your JCR Chair, my main responsibility is chairing all the JCR meetings and running election season, in a fair and impartial way. I also maintain the constitution of the JCR and I’m an independent liaison between the Executive Commit- tee and JCR members. Finally, I’m in charge of providing you with the weekly college newsletter (the bogsheet).