Executive Committee

Maddi Aldam-Gates

JCR President


As JCR President my job is essentially to manage projects, resources and relationships in order to keep our Junior Common Room of around 450 students running smoothly by overseeing an Executive Committee of 11 students and coordinating Chads' 40+ sports and societies. Day-to-day, I attend many meetings (with University management including the Vice Chancellor, college senior management including the Principal and Vice Principal, and students) in order to proactively work towards both my own and Chads' students' goals. I act as an essential mediator for various groups of students/committees/societies when conflict emerges, and keep on top of a large amount of admin and organisational tasks. Most importantly though, it is my job to make Chad's as positive a place as possible for as many people as possible, by standing up for our best interests wherever possible, and striving to do my best for this college that is like a second home to so many of us!

Milo Coombs



As VP I have many roles within college, from deputising our president Maddi whenever she needs, to organising lots of bits and pieces. My responsibilities include arranging college stash, organising official photos, leading Open Days, chairing RepCom, and the most fun part - overseeing the planning and execution of both Freshers’ Week and Summer Ball! Alongside this I am in charge of JCR discipline, which luckily is not a big issue here at Chad’s. As a liver-in I aim to be a friendly face around college so feel free to stop me for a chat at any time, either for JCR business or just for a catchup!

Tabatha Somerset

Wellbeing Officer


As your JCR Well-being Officer, I chair the Well-being Committee in college, and we’re here to provide non-judgemental and non-advisory support to any member of the JCR. This support may be in the form of drop-ins, over the phone, over message, and is completely confidential where possible. Myself and my team also run Well-being Campaigns throughout the year in addition to providing sexual health and sanitary supplies to the JCR. We are here to provide information on other available supports within and outside of the college, and are here for everyone if they just want to talk about any issue, big or small, or if you just fancy a chat!

Maddie Macey



My role involves minuting Exec, JCR, and College Officer meetings that are then released to the wider JCR. This is intended to make decisions and conversations within college open and accessible to everyone they will affect! I also run the JCR's social media presence, make the weekly Chadsfeed newsletter, and compile pre-arrival information for the incoming freshers about life as a member of the JCR (including the Freshers' Handbook). As Secretary I am also the Livers' Out Representative, and provide advice and guidance to anyone living outside of college. Towards the end of the year, it is part of my role to make the yearbook.

Alannah Doherty



As JCR Treasurer, my role is to oversee how money is spent within college. This includes budgeting for sports, wellbeing and college events such as Summer Ball. I set the price of JCR battels which are paid by all JCR members and work with the college Financial Controller, Catherine, to produce and check quarterly cashbooks. I chair the Treasurer’s committee, comprising eight sub-committee Treasurer’s, providing guidance and support to ensure their success. My aim is to establish greater accessibility to Chad’s events, and have been working alongside the President and Social Mobility reps to help this come to fruition.


Gray Hailey

Domestic Representative


As Domestic Representative for the JCR (Dom Rep), I am responsible for food related stuff in college, plus making sure maintenance issues get followed up and things like the TV are working smoothly. Its my job to order stock and fill up the vending machine, organise normal formal sign ups and send out the food survey so I can represent the student views of the catering experience at Chads in termly meetings with staff. Another perk of my job is being the one who cleans up sick or mess around college and making sure the buildings are on good form. Dom Rep is one of the less busy roles in the Exec, but I do still sit in exec meetings and work with the others in general college organising, freshers week and other tasks that may come my way.


Charlotte Sikorski

Bar President


As Bar President I am in charge of the Bar Committee. 'BarCom' is made up of five undergraduates who manage various aspects of the day-to-day running of one of the most popular college bars in Durham. My job is to ensure that everyone else on the committee is doing their job as well as liaising with the Exec, Senior Management and helping with Social Events and College Balls. We've a great range of World Beers and Premium Spirits that regularly bring in visitors from all across Durham. With a great cosy atmosphere, Chad's Bar is the perfect place for a night out, as well as a casual drink after a long day of studying (and procrastination). In addition, all of our staff members are students at Chad's. All of the money we make each year is invested into various committees, and sports with some money set aside to improve the bar.

Emma Shackleton

Social Secretary


As Social Secretary I’m in charge of all things fun at Chad’s, organising Freshers Week, themed formals, bops, and the all-important Chad’s Day. Alongside my Social Committee, it’s my job to make Chad’s social atmosphere the best in Durham!

Rohan Scott

Junior College Representative


As Junior College Representative it is my role to focus on the interests and welfare of our first year undergraduates. My responsibilities include helping plan and run freshers week, acting as a point of contact for any queries regarding college life and providing topical talks on things such as housing and college positions. Another key part of my role is representing the views of Chad’s freshers on the JCR executive committee, especially in important and impactful decisions.

Tom Heap

Sports Officer


My role as sports officer sees me take on the responsibility of organising all the teams, and thus all the captains, that Chad's has. This makes me the point of contact for all captains, and all students for any questions, ideas, or proposals they may have for Chad's sport. Perhaps most importantly though, I run the @teamchads Instagram, which I have a great time doing. This means I'm often in communication with Team Durham, to assist in the coordination, and continuing improvement of the wonderfully unique College Sport system on offer here in Durham. Even within this unique system of college sport, I would say that Chad's holds a particularly unique space, offering a space of widely encouraged participation and fun, making my role especially enjoyable. Everyone will say the same for every sport in Chad's, it will be something along the lines of, "no matter your experience, just show up and give everything you fancy a go, we just want to enjoy playing sport".

Non-Executive Officers

Liv Bedford

Chair of the JCR


As JCR Chair, my main role is chairing all JCR meetings and running election season (or 'hustings'), as well as sitting in on all interviews within the JCR to ensure that everything remains fair and impartial. I also manage and regularly update the JCR constitution, and, because I'm technically a 'non-executive officer', I remain independent from the Exec and any other committees, and act almost as a liaison between the Exec and the rest of the JCR. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I publish a weekly newsletter entitled 'The Bogsheet'.