Green Door Theatre Company

Much like its college, the Green Door Theatre Company is the smallest of its kind in Durham. However, as any Chadsian will tell you, size is not indicative of skill and Green Door actively persevere to embody the ‘Small but mighty’ ethos of the college.

Our aim is to engage Chadsians of all disciplines in, and encourage them to interact with, drama on some level whilst also entertaining our fellow college and university members. Green Door produce one central play per term and take full responsibility for the college pantomime at the end of the Michaelmas Term and the Garden Party performance piece at the end of the Easter Term.

Currently Green Door are the only DST (Durham Student Theatre) Company that exists as part of its college JCR. This means that Green Door benefits from a wonderfully close relationship with St Chad’s College and that Chadsians of all ages, from the multiple common rooms, profit from the opportunities that having their own theatre company affords them.

Green Door welcome actors, producers, directors and tech members of all levels of experience and skill. If you want to be involved we’ll find a way to get you working with us. Engaging, approachable and, most importantly, fun Green Door is a Theatre Company run by students for students and love doing what we do.


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For information regarding our technical equipment, email the Green Door Technical Manager (details below) or Green Door itself at:

Green Door Executive Committee

Christe Clark



I’m Christie, a second year English student that has always been passionate about the theatre and loves to act. I am both a member of the NYT and a very active figure in DST (if you don’t know what either of those things are then I will be more than happy to enlighten you if you ask). As the Green Door Theatre Company President it is my job to oversee the running of our college’s very own theatre company. I chair all of Green Door’s meetings, organise the timetabling of all college productions and oversee the production of all Green Door plays. I am also responsible for picking each term’s play and deciding which artistic direction to take the company in, which is by far the most enjoyable aspect of my position. I’m always up for a chat about whatever Green Door is up to and am fully committed to getting as many people involved in student theatre as is possible.

Isabel Crawley



I'm Isabel, a second year English Literature student. I loved acting in school plays over the years but the theatre at Durham has helped me realise how much goes into a production - as Vice-President at Green Door I get to oversee lots of different bits of the process, from script-writing and casting to advertising and directing! I look forward to all the exciting possibilities for the year to come.

Becca Rickwood



I'm Becca, a third year mathematician, and this is my second year as Green Door's treasurer. My role involves overseeing the day to day running of the theatre company's accounts, coordinating any large purchases such as our new stage with the JCR and SocComm, as well as assisting and advising the producer of each show with creating and sticking to a budget.

Hannah Smith



I'm Hannah, a second year Psychology student. I have been acting since I was 5 but more recently have started working backstage on productions too (in particular producing) and look forward to doing more of that this year. My role in Green Door is that of Secretary, so I essentially just have to take minutes at meetings and send them out to everyone afterwards. I also do lots of extra stuff like helping to pick plays and audition directors and will hopefully be producing my first play this year!

Therese Rottner

Technical Manager


I'm Therese and I'm a second year History student. I've always loved theatre and assisting productions has been a passion of mine for many years now. As Technical Manager, I am in charge of looking after the technical equipment that Green Door has and ensuring that all the technical needs for the company's productions are met. I can't wait to get involved in all of the plays that are coming up this year!

Megan McKenna

Social Secretary


I'm Megan, a second year studying English Literature. As Social Sec of Green Door I have the fun job of organising the after-show parties and themed socials throughout the year. My role also extends to all things surrounding publicity and promotion. Going to the theatre is a massive passion of mine. During my first year I've been blown away by what Durham student theatre has had to offer. I can't wait to get involved with Green Door next year and help pull off some amazing performances!