Tea Party with Age UK


The glimmering, sun lit afternoon of Monday, the 20th of June, saw the Quad hung with bunting, set up with small intimate tables and laid out with a delightful assortment of homemade cakes and refreshment. All was set up in preparation for the Tea Party with Age UK. It was a gathering not only to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, but also to bring together Chadsians and members of Age UK.

Tables laid out with dessert. Special thanks to the kitchen staff and students who baked beautiful and scrumptious cakes.

Throughout the afternoon, Chadsians and elderly members of Durham mingled over dessert and coffee, enjoyed resonating Welsh vocals of Dewi and jazzy instrumentals by the Chazz band, and worked in teams to partake in a light quiz.

Enjoying the performance by our very own Chazz Band


13490706_605491322947407_2549358854793750105_oThis year Charities Committee are placing great focus on extending Outreach Projects to provide volunteering opportunities across the local community for members of the college. The tea party is a kick start to one of these projects with Age UK, a charity that provides services to promote the wellbeing of people in later life. A big thank you to bakers, performers, and, most of all, the Charities Committee Outreach Officer, Katie, who worked hard to ensure that the Tea Party was a well planned and well attended success.

Katie, the Outreach Officer, with some members of Age UK
Katie, the Outreach Officer, with some members of Age UK