Sed Vos

In order to give you further opportunities to make the most of your time at university, St Chad’s College has established an innovative programme: Sed Vos.

S–Study  E–Events  D–Discovery  V–Vocation  O–Outreach  S–Skills

Sed Vos provides opportunities to acquire a range of life experiences and skills to complement those obtained through your department-based university courses.

The programme aims to help you:

  1. develop critical thinking skills and a desire for lifelong learning;
  2. explore, understand and appreciate North East England; and
  3. acquire key skills for employment, volunteer service and domestic life.

What does it offer?

Throughout each term, we offer a range of opportunities:

  • lectures and presentations usually on Monday evenings;
  • occasional “Northern Discovery” trips, usually on Saturdays;
  • careers events
  • academic events – research forums, conferences etc.
  • Ethics Cafés and College Conversations

Sed Vos also promotes other College and University events and services that may enhance your time here, including the Library Service, Careers Advisory Service, Student Community Action, ITS and the Language Centre. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions you may have.

When and where?

You will be kept informed about Sed Vos activities and how to sign-up for them through term cards, flyers and posters, and weekly e-mails.


Sed Vos is part of what makes St Chad’s College distinctive. The programme can be personally enriching, can enhance your CV, and offers you opportunities to meet others. Participation is, of course, voluntary, but most students partake in several opportunities each academic year. Regular participation in Sed Vos should help to enhance your self-knowledge and openness to growth, your planning and decision-making skills, your intellectual breadth, your commitment to international and social justice, and your employability prospects.