The Chaplain



The Revd Dr Ashley Wilson
0191 334 3362
Office: On first floor of Main College – opposite accountant


Why talk to a chaplain?
When …

    you need to talk things through
    you just want to chat
    you don’t want anyone else to know
    you don’t know who to ask
    it’s talk or burst !!

If …

    you’re trying to find the right place to worship
    you’d like to explore the deeper questions of life, but are not sure where to start
    you’re going to a funeral and don’t know what happens
    you have to decide whether something’s right or wrong
    you regret some thing that’s happened and want to move on

The Chaplain is available to all students and staff, regardless of their religious background (or lack thereof) for conversations on personal, spiritual or pastoral matters (and is available to hear confessions). He is happy to provide a listening, non-judgemental ear to anyone at anytime, and in complete confidence.