Across its ten residences St. Chad’s has 200 rooms: 156 single rooms and 44 double rooms.


Student accommodation at St Chad’s is subject to the Universities UK Code of Practice, which sets standards for residential student  accommodation throughout the UK.



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Almost all of the college’s ten residences and houses are within historic listed buildings with almost every room distinct. Some have fireplaces (sadly, not in use); some have incredible views of the River Wear, the Cathedral or Durham City; some are hidden away in fourth floor landings with ancient beamed ceilings. Every room is furnished and equipped with at least a sink. Just over half of first year students share a double-room, but they are more than ample in size and a vast majority are en suite.

In second year, some students choose to live out in rented accommodation though we try to accommodate all students who want to live in – no matter what year they’re in.  Unusually for Durham, such is the nature of St. Chad’s that most finalists return to live in college, taking advantage of the proximity of college libraries, facilities and the dining hall.

All of our students live in a context that is steeped in history, where you quite consciously pick up the torch of previous generations of students, on a site that was renowned for scholarship for a millennium, long before the birth of the University itself.