Student Life

There are two student groups represented within St Chad’s, both inter-connected but unique in their own way.

The Junior Common Room is made up of Chad’s undergraduate community. Numbered at approximately 350, it’s one of the smallest but also most vibrant in Durham.

The Middle Common Room is the representative body of Chad’s postgraduates. The MCR has a diverse body, coming from all around the world and working in a variety of disciplines and has been growing steadily over the last decade, with now approximately 150 members.

The Senior Common Room represents the interests of all College fellows, officers, academic staff and tutors in College. It has an active membership, with regular meetings, scheduled events and twice-weekly meals.

St. Chad’s is a Church of England foundation and has its own chapel and a very active Chaplaincy program. Within the Chaplaincy is a commitment to work ecumenically and to work in an inter-faith context.

Though the smallest Durham college, St. Chad’s has the largest college library in Durham. With eight libraries and study rooms located throughout college, it is home to a large number of resources that all members are welcome to access.