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Are you interested in publications for College?

We are looking for help in College publications. This includes Website and social media mainly, but will also filter through to the Chadsian magazine, yearbooks, foundation journal.

How it will benefit you:

  • All your work (posts/ideas/images/videos) will be referenced back to you! Eventually employers will see your work on Google when they search for you!
  • You will have opportunity to be learn how to use Wordpress effectively (used by many businesses to manage their websites – a great CV skill).
  • Opportunity to fine tune your writing skills. On average visitors spend 30s on our news posts, being succinct is a vital skill to learn.

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What You’ll Do:

  • Post news articles for editors to publish on the website
  • Post ideas / photos for writers to pickup and publish to the website
  • Become an editor or a writer for the above reasons

What We Want:

  • Sport, academic achievements/publications, play reviews, event news or just about anything that is news!

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