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Chad’s 62nd Candlemas Ball

The 62nd Candlemas ball took place in the beautifully decorated grounds of Chad’s on Friday.

The Quad looked terrific

Mini-decs who had spent the week creating large pieces of artwork for the ball had their pieces adorning each room alongside the magnificent entertainments the committee arranged. The rooms in college were all transformed into worlds of pure imagination. Entertainments included a casino room in the SCR, an Oxygen bar in the JCR, a film room, bucking bronco, inflatable fighting ring, chocolate fountains and much more. The children’s ball pit in the Quad proved to be the most popular with teams of raucous Chadians playfully hurling balls at one another for the entirety of the night.

a fantastic meal..

The lighting display on the dance floor in the Dining hall was fantastic and survivors gathered there at the end of the night to eat pizza and participate in the survivors photo!

A tremendous amount of effort and planning went into creating a fantastic 62nd Candlemas which will be remembered as a magical evening.

For ever and ever.


Returners Weekend 2017

In sleepy Durham nothing much has changed but our graduates have moved on into the big wide world. But for one weekend they had the chance to journey back to Durham for two days of nostalgia, northern chills and necking reasonably priced drinks in the bar.

The bop of Friday saw Chadsians relive their adolescent days with the returners bop theme being childhood TV and film characters. I imagine the Cassidy Quad looked very similar to the CBBC production floor in the late 1990s and early 2000s as we were graced with the likes of Neil Buchanan from Art Attack,  The Chuckle Brothers and all four Teletubbies!

Saturday was steak night for the returners’ on formal before they headed to the Princey B one last time! Apart from one attempt to dive into the river the night went swimmingly and the weekend, as a whole, was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Freshers Week Bop 2017: Welcome to the Jungle

There was a rumble in the jungle as a new batch of Freshers descended on college last week! On Saturday night all Chadsians, old and new, came together in the Cassidy Quad to boogie amongst tropical plants and bamboo shoots!

With 50% of the college channelling their inner explorer, the gathering could have been mistaken for a David Attenborough lookalike competition! It was a great end to Freshers Week and has us all looking forward to the Returners Bop in November.

End of Exams Bop: Space and Beyond!


To celebrate the end of exams SocComm put on a bop, which was out of this world! We saw the Cassidy Quad filled with large volumes of dancing aliens, space raiders and even a TARDIS. Some beautifully homemade planet decorations from our new in-house decs officer set the mood. There was even another Chads banner ripping off a multinational corporation, which has been added to the ever-growing collection.

After some slight hiccups with the music the evening was filled with some classic tunes, both past and present before we closed the night with the inevitable ‘Country Roads’. A collaborative effort with BarComm meant we were serving up two themed cocktails, a fruity number called ‘Life on Mars’ and a smooth, blue concoction called ‘Supernova’. The evening was a huge success and a good way to end the three weeks of pain!


International Students Tea Party – November 7th, 2016

St Chad’s College now counts 44 different nationalities (close but not quite the number of English counties), and thus a host of international students. A selection of about 25 of them spared an hour of their time halfway through a soggy Monday to congregate in the SCR for drinks and nibbles. Also present at this gathering were the Principal, Vice-Principal and Chaplain of St. Chad’s, the former two eager to highlight their international backgrounds.

There was a noticeably strong European and east-Asian contingent in attendance, with only a handful students from outside the Eurasian landmass. Noticeable was also the range of accents around the room, making each conversation sound considerably different to the other, and which for some people betrayed their origin quite quickly.

The first half of the hour was spent in casual discussion. Then, there was a round of introductions, where each person stated their name, country of origin and the thing that they found most different or surprising in Durham. Friendliness and the weather seemed to be recurring themes. This was followed by a brief discussion of international perspectives, especially the perception of British and World politics in each person’s home country. One person, for example, remarked that the British seemed to talk much less about Brexit than they did at home. The discussion also briefly covered the negative stereotype of British ignorance of global political affairs, taking the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong as a specific example, which has received very little media coverage in the UK. Drawing from that example, Dr. Masson emphasised the value of an international perspective brought to Durham by those that have come from abroad to study at St. Chad’s.

Another gathering is in the planning for the near future, perhaps featuring festive cakes as we approach the holidays. It might provide an opportunity for the international students to share more experiences, especially those who could not make it this time.

Green Door hosts fresher’s showcase


St. Chad’s College Green Door Theatre company held its debut fresher’s showcase on Sunday, 9th October.

The event introduced fresher’s to the theatre group, and displayed the range of musical, poetic, artistic, and comical talent the JCR has to offer. The successful evening was reflected in its high attendance – a cheerful number for its first show of the year.14691901_655508014612404_2048378808342599027_o

The evening began with a melody by the college’s Chazz Band, which finished with their iconic rendition of ‘County Roads’, a college classic! The audience were serenaded by Wales’ pride, Dewi. Jess, Hilaire, and Craig recited poetry. Griff and Harry performed sensationally on the piano, and Cormac acted out a Spike Milligan classic. David, Alex, and Fergus performed compelling monologues. Izzie and Milly respectively gave phenomenal performances on the pole and violin.


Green Door’s President, Christie Clark hosted the evening, introduced each act, and mentioned a little about their college presence.  They had a successful fresher’s fair uptake, but are always continuously looking for new members. You can view their page at

Green Door will next bring to the stage Tim Firth’s ‘Flint Street Nativity’. Interviews open 17th October.