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Returners Weekend 2017

In sleepy Durham nothing much has changed but our graduates have moved on into the big wide world. But for one weekend they had the chance to journey back to Durham for two days of nostalgia, northern chills and necking reasonably priced drinks in the bar.

The bop of Friday saw Chadsians relive their adolescent days with the returners bop theme being childhood TV and film characters. I imagine the Cassidy Quad looked very similar to the CBBC production floor in the late 1990s and early 2000s as we were graced with the likes of Neil Buchanan from Art Attack,  The Chuckle Brothers and all four Teletubbies!

Saturday was steak night for the returners’ on formal before they headed to the Princey B one last time! Apart from one attempt to dive into the river the night went swimmingly and the weekend, as a whole, was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Freshers Week Bop 2017: Welcome to the Jungle

There was a rumble in the jungle as a new batch of Freshers descended on college last week! On Saturday night all Chadsians, old and new, came together in the Cassidy Quad to boogie amongst tropical plants and bamboo shoots!

With 50% of the college channelling their inner explorer, the gathering could have been mistaken for a David Attenborough lookalike competition! It was a great end to Freshers Week and has us all looking forward to the Returners Bop in November.

End of Exams Bop: Space and Beyond!


To celebrate the end of exams SocComm put on a bop, which was out of this world! We saw the Cassidy Quad filled with large volumes of dancing aliens, space raiders and even a TARDIS. Some beautifully homemade planet decorations from our new in-house decs officer set the mood. There was even another Chads banner ripping off a multinational corporation, which has been added to the ever-growing collection.

After some slight hiccups with the music the evening was filled with some classic tunes, both past and present before we closed the night with the inevitable ‘Country Roads’. A collaborative effort with BarComm meant we were serving up two themed cocktails, a fruity number called ‘Life on Mars’ and a smooth, blue concoction called ‘Supernova’. The evening was a huge success and a good way to end the three weeks of pain!


Perspectives: Are we living in a post-gender age?


This Monday’s Perspectives evening kicked off with a fantastic turnout once again, with a diverse range of academics and researchers at the ready to speak about their disciplinary or personal take on whether we are living in a post gender age.

An introduction to the evening from Dr Masson began proceedings


The first speaker, Dr Gillian Campling, kicked off the evening talking about biological sex, posing the question that if we could achieve a post-gender society, could we ignore human genetic make-up?

Dr Gillian Campling

The next speaker was one of our very own postgrad students, Hannah Earnshaw. They gave an eye opening account of their personal experience about coming out as agender, which challenged the audience to think beyond the binary. This account stimulated open discussions within small groups about current societal positions towards gender.

PhD student Hannah Earnshaw

The final speaker, Professor Robert Song, talked about the traditional view of man and woman in the Bible, adding to the diversity of the evening. This was followed by a short, but thought-triggering discussion session, aided by cheese and wine.

Professor Robert Song

The talk was particularly relevant in college as at the JCR meeting the day before, the constitution was changed to recognise students of all gender and none. All in all, it was a really engaging evening, throwing new light on an incredibly relevant issue for today’s students.