New Student Information (UG)

Welcome to St Chad’s College

Message from Dr Masson, Principal of St Chad’s College, can be viewed HERE

IMPORTANT: In this section of the College Website you will find a lot of information about membership of the College and our programme of welcome events – please read ALL the information carefully. (Relevant FORMS should be completed as soon as possible). Click on the links below for detailed information.

  • If at all possible please complete online enrolment at least 14 days before arrival AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU UPLOAD A PHOTOGRAPH – it really does make things much easier
Online Enrolment
  • Important information about steps you should take before you even arrive in Durham
Arriving in Durham
  • Some of the practicalities about getting here and finding College buildings
College Information
  • Important information about St Chad’s College for ALL students
Licence Agreement for Students Living in College Accommodation
  • The Licence Agreement is an important legal document which must be signed by all students living in College Accommodation
Induction & Welcome Events
  • Details of important events and social activities  during your first week in Durham.
Completing Registration
  • What you need to do to complete your registration and collect your campus card
Fees and Charges
  • Accommodation costs, Meal Deal prices and College charges
Junior Common Room
  • Important information from the Junior (Undergraduate) Common Room
Medical Registration & Health Information
  • How to register with a doctor
  • Information on Vaccination and health screening
General information
  • Useful links
  • Please complete and return the relevant forms as soon as possible