New Student Information (UG)

Welcome to St Chad’s College

Message from Dr Masson, Principal of St Chad’s College, can be viewed HERE

What our students say:

I wouldn’t change my experience of Chad’s for the world. I’ve made great friends and feel like I have and will always be part of a really special community.”

“I’ve had an incredible time here at Durham and I believe St Chad’s has played a major part in that…it’s made me as a person.”

IMPORTANT: In this section of the College Website you will find a lot of information about membership of the College and our programme of welcome events – please read ALL the information carefully. (Relevant FORMS should be completed as soon as possible). Click on the links below for detailed information.

Free Gowns (for those who really need them…)

Do you face financial difficulty? Do you feel like receiving a donated gown, free of charge, would ease some financial pressure for your Fresher’s Week? (A new gown costs £55 and a secondhand gown costs £25)

If yes, please email as soon as possible with no more than 500 words explaining why. Your reasons will be completely confidential.

Licence Agreement for Students Living in College Accommodation
  • The Licence Agreement is an important legal document which must be signed by all students living in College Accommodation
  • A copy of your agreement, signed by the Bursar, will be available on arrival

Please note: International Undergraduates may move into their accommodation from Weds 25th September

Online Enrolment
  • Important information about steps you should take before you even arrive in Durham

If at all possible please complete online enrolment at least 14 days before arrival AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU UPLOAD A PHOTOGRAPH – it really does make things much easier

  • Important information about St Chad’s College for prospective students and new students
College Information
  • Important information about St Chad’s College for ALL students
Junior Common Room
Arriving in Durham
  • Some of the practicalities about getting here and finding College buildings
Induction & Welcome Events
  • Details of important events and social activities  during your first week in Durham.
Completing Registration
  • What you need to do to complete your registration and collect your campus card
Financial Support
  • Notes on tuition fees and how to pay them, together with information from the University’s Student Financial Support Office
College Fees and Charges
  • Accommodation costs, Meal Deal prices and College charges
Medical Registration & Health Information
  • How to register with a doctor
  • Information on Vaccination and health screening
General information
  • Useful links
  • Please complete and return the relevant forms as soon as possible