Postgraduate Scholarships & Fellowships

The College is committed to supporting postgraduate and postdoctoral students and scholars. Students and scholars wishing to apply for the following fellowships should email the Principal, Dr Margaret Masson, at

Postgraduate Awards

The College is committed to supporting our students as they progress or continue in postgraduate studies. We are acutely aware that the new funding regime means that most students will be finishing their undergraduate studies with a heavy debt and that such debt may well put the damper on their considering postgraduate studies.

For this reason, the College is offering up to nine postgraduate scholarships and bursaries for postgraduate members of St Chad’s College each year:

  • Five Scholarships worth £3000 for students studying one year Master’s degrees.  These are open only to current St Chad’s undergraduates.
  • Four Bursaries worth £3840. These are open to all current postgraduates (or current undergraduates beginning postgraduate studies the following year).

The bursaries are tied to the task of being a postgraduate resident night porter, which means:

  1. recipients have to live in Main College. The bursary is half the cost of living in College for 50 weeks of the year (in Main College, on a catered package).
  2. Night porters have to be on call for 25% of the year. The on-call duties are shared among the four postgraduates holding this position, which allows for quite a bit of flexibility.

 The Alan Richardson Fellowship:

The Alan Richardson Fellowship was founded in honour of the Very Reverend Alan Richardson (1905-75), formerly Dean of York, Professor of Christian Theology in the University of Nottingham and Canon of Durham Cathedral. Richardson Fellows  are often attached to St Chad’s, though the fellowship may be held in any Durham college, as decided by the Fellowship Committee.  Further details of this fellowship may be obtained from the Department of Theology, Abbey House, Palace Green, Durham, DH1 3RS.

The William Leech Research Fellowship:

Fellowships can be held for periods of three months to one year and will support projects to undertake research to develop theological reflection on Christian hope, the discharge of Christian pastoral responsibility, and the communication of the gospel in the contemporary context of the U.K., with particular reference to the North East of England.  The Fellowships may be held, with their agreement, at: (a) Durham University; or (b) the Colleges of St Chad’s and St John’s, Durham; or (c) Newcastle University; or (d) be associated with an appropriate church organisation in the North East of England.  Further information can be obtained at

Scholars/Writers/Poets in Residence:

From time to time, the College appoints a number of non-stipendiary Scholars, Writers or Poets in Residence. These scholars, often holding academic posts within the University and tutorial posts within the College, usually reside in College.

Visiting Fellows:

The College also appoints Visiting Fellows, who generally are resident in College during a sabbatical from another university.