Licence Agreement for Students Living in College Accommodation

What you should do now (please do not leave this until the last minute in case you encounter any problems):
You will need to have access to a computer which is able to read, edit, save and email MSWord files – if you expect to have any problems with this please contact us (details below) as soon as possible.

  1. Log on to the Occupancy agreement  section of the College website (click on the link)
  2. You should read both parts of the general terms and conditions and then, at the end of the document, click on the link to the signature forms.
  3. Select the correct signature form for your accommodation – UGF. To open the document you will need the password which was included in your welcome email from the Assistant Senior Tutor.
  4. You then need to complete the agreement with your details (your name, your signature, the date, acceptance of standard terms). Please note: typing your name constitutes an electronic signature, and by completing this you are entering into a legally binding contract.
  5. Once you have completed the agreement please email it as an attachment to (with “Signed Licence Agreement” as the subject).

If you encounter any problems with this process please email (with “PROBLEM – Licence Agreement” as the subject – click on the link)) or telephone 0191 3343362 as soon as possible