Prospective Students

Your years at University are an important part of your education and your development as a human being. At St Chad’s, as well as having access to a world class higher education and all kinds of opportunities to learn outside your formal academic studies, you are likely to form friendships that will last you a lifetime.

Find out what our students love about Chad’s:

“I’m a Chadsian because…”

Chad’s at a Glance

  • A relaxed, friendly, open and inclusive college, where it’s okay to be yourself.
  • Outstanding academic tradition (93% of our students earned a first or upper second class degree in 2023)
  • Perfect size: 450 undergraduates and 150 postgraduates in taught and research degrees in all disciplines
  • An interesting mix of students from a wide range of different social, ethnic and national backgrounds. We are especially keen to welcome applications from students from under-represented communities
  • Generous range of scholarships, bursaries, and funds to support access and engagement
  • Innovative and unique college-based co-curricular programme to supplement department-based learning
  • Highest sports participation rate in the University
  • Amazing range of college-based musical opportunities
  • Thriving Outreach and Volunteering Programme
  • Centrally-located, right across from the Cathedral, just 5 minutes from the very centre of historic Durham City
  • Beautiful grounds
  • Extensive library resources, with seven libraries and study rooms in College.
  • High completion rates (97% most years)
  • High employment rates and good access to careers mentors via our alumni community
  • We think our food is fantastic, with excellent options for vegetarians and vegans
  • College-based academic and research staff, with 25 Fellows and Research AssociatesIMG_6889 (1920x1280)

A Principal’s Perspective

St Chad’s is a confident, friendly, forward-looking college – a confidence we’ve developed in the course of nearly 120 years’ experience.

We place a great emphasis on academic excellence, and we’re proud of how well our students do as they continue to achieve outstanding results year after year.

And yet achieving the highest grades is not what’s most important about Chad’s.  We try to combine academic excellence with a concern for other things that matter: much of our academic work and our work outside the College has a focus on justice; and within the college we try to ensure that a real sense of fairness, openness and inclusion governs all of our policies and practices as well as our ethos. Our motto, non vestra sed vos – not what you have but who you are – defines our values and how we aim to live.

It is important to us that our students graduate as educated people in the broadest and deepest sense of that word. If you come to Chad’s, we hope that you will be stretched not just intellectually (although you will be!) but that you will also challenge yourself physically, aesthetically, spiritually and emotionally, and that your curiosity and empathy towards others and the world will flourish and find direction. We also hope that you will find, along with us, that being a Chadsian is often fun, and that you will feel full a part of our community life – regularly enjoyed in feasts and celebrations.

We welcome students who are willing to be engaged and enterprising, who have the imagination, courage and commitment to spend time trying to understand why things are as they are, and the willingness to try to work out how to make things a little – maybe even a whole lot – better.

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