Accommodation Costs

St Chad’s College offers a range of accommodation for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. More information and photos of the types of rooms available at St Chad’s can be found here on our accommodation pages.

First year undergraduate students are usually offered a 34 week let which includes occupation of a College room from the Sunday before Induction Week until the Saturday after the end of Easter Term. It includes the Christmas Vacation but does not include accommodation over the Easter Vacation. All first year undergraduates will be offered a fully catered accommodation package.

Accommodation charges also include meals during term time (catered students only), energy costs and wifi and vary according to the type of room allocated. New students are asked to express a room type preference before arrival. Options include shared or single rooms with standard (shared) bathroom and shower facilities, or share or single rooms with en-suite facilities. At St Chad’s College approximate 70 % of our first year undergraduate beds are in shared standard or shared en-suite rooms with just a limited number of single rooms being made available each year for first year students (priority is given to those with specific medical/access needs).

Upper year undergraduates may have the option of a 38 or 39 week let which also covers the Easter Vacation while postgraduate students are offered a 50 week let which, in addition to the Easter Vacation, also covers the Summer Vacation and runs until the conclusion of taught postgraduate courses in early September.

The charges for each of the accommodation options at St Chad’s College for the next academic year are shown below.