SMV – University Policies & Procedures

College offers support to all members of our community if they experience any type of sexual misconduct or violence (and indeed anything else that comes under the University’s policies and procedures), whether while at Durham or in their previous experience, by way of non-judgemental support, information, guidance and signposting to appropriate specialist help if required. We are committed to supporting survivors of violence and sexual misconduct and offering support for them to take action and speak out, if they wish, and to access resources for them to heal and move forward in their lives, acknowledging the irreversible impact of such experiences.

The University has a dedicated Student Cases team who handle official reports of sexual misconduct and domestic abuse, bullying and harassment and hate incidents, taking them seriously and offering formal avenues of action for those who wish to report any such incident, and receive support, regardless of the type of action they wish to take. The Report + Support tool is available for any member of the staff or student body and the specialist team is equipped with clear policies and procedures to follow and offer guidance about options and support available, alongside support from College.

University Support and Policy pages

University Report & Support Tool

This helpful infographic tells you how to use the Report + Support tool and what happens once you have made a report.

“We take reports of bullying and harassment, hate incidents, sexual misconduct and domestic abuse seriously. All staff, students and visitors to our campus are able to use this online tool.”

As a College we know that it is crucial for every member to know that there is help and guidance available to them, that they will be taken seriously and offered every option of support or report should they experience sexual misconduct or violence.