Publication Scheme

St Chad’s College




This publication scheme aims to help you find basic information about the College easily and quickly.

  1. Legal requirement

1.1 According to advice received by the Information Commissioner’s Office, the College is no longer subject to the Freedom of Information Act because it no longer receives support under section 65 of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992.

1.2 ‘Public authorities’ are defined in the Act and include companies wholly owned by universities, further education colleges and sixth form colleges.  However, St Chad’s is an independent company limited by guarantee and is not owned by the University.

1.3 Nonetheless, the College has adopted this publication scheme to promote openness and accountability.

  1. What is a publication scheme?

2.1 A publication scheme is a document that describes the information a public authority (or in this case an institution that is not a public authority) publishes or intends to publish. In this context, ‘publish’ means to make information available, routinely. These descriptions are called ‘classes of information’. The scheme is not a list of the actual publications, because this will change as new material is published or existing material revised. It is, however, our intention to make available the information described.

2.2 A publication scheme sets out the classes, or categories, of information published. It makes clear how the information described can be accessed and whether or not charges will be made.

  1. Who we are

3.1 St Chad’s College is a private company limited by shares, incorporated in 1904.

  1. Accessing information covered by the publication scheme

4.1 The classes of information we publish are described in the second part of the scheme.

4.2 Next to each class we have indicated the manner in which the information described will be available. Any individual who requires that information be produced in a different format is invited to contact the Secretary, St Chad’s College to discuss ways in which your specific request for information can be made available to you. We have also indicated whether charges apply to material in each class.

4.3 To request information available through our publication scheme, please contact: The College Secretary, St Chad’s College, 18 N Bailey, Durham DH1 3RH

4.4 Please note that a publication scheme relates to ‘published’ information. Therefore, material covered has already been prepared in a format ready for distribution.

  1. What about information not covered by the publication scheme?

5.1 From 1 January 2005 you have had the right, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, to request any information held by a ‘public authority’ that it has not already made available through its publication scheme.  This does not, however, apply to St Chad’s College.

  1. Feedback

6.1 We hope that this publication scheme meets your needs. If you find the scheme difficult to understand, please let us know. We also welcome suggestions as to how our scheme might be improved. Any questions, comments or complaints about this scheme should be sent in writing to the Publication Scheme Co-ordinator below. The Publication Scheme Co-ordinator St Chad’s College Durham DH1 3RH

  1. Further information

More information about the Freedom of Information Act is available on the Information Commissioner’s website at:


Please note that the Companies House web site includes details of the name and address of the company, company type, nature of business and date of incorporation. Last accounts, return and members list are available for a charge.

Information that may damage the Company’s commercial interests will be excluded from publication.


1. Legal framework and governance structure

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association

Available in hard copy format.



2. Objectives

Memorandum of Association

Available in hard copy format.



3. Management structure

  • Information about current Directors, Secretary and Shareholders
  • Minutes of Directors’ meetings and Annual General Meetings

Available in hard copy format.



4. Financial resources

Last Statement of Accounts and accompanying Directors’ Report

Available in hard copy format.




A charge will be made for the reproduction and postage of the information listed in this publication scheme. We will let you know the relevant charge at the time of your request, and this charge will be payable in advance.

Fees for charging will be kept under review.


18 November 2011