Daily Archives: 18th November 2019

New Portrait unveiled in St Chad’s Moulsdale Hall

Last Thursday, we unveiled a new portrait in St Chad’s – of Julia Warde-Aldam, one of the co-founders of our college. It was a wonderful evening: choral Evensong, a splendid formal and a real sense of occasion and celebration. We were so pleased that her great-grandson Jamie and great-great-grandson Mark could be with us for the occasion. We were also delighted that the artist is a Chad’s undergraduate, Alice Channon, who has done such an excellent job. It is also good to have a woman honoured on the walls of Moulesdale Hall after all this time!


Sport for Development: making sense of inter-organisational relationships

Following their recent Commonwealth Books publication on how sport can contribute to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Iain Lindsey, Oliver Dudfield and Tony Chapman have published a conceptual article on how to understand the way relationships are configured between state and non-state actors.

The article considers new ways of looking at inter-organisational relationships through the lens of public policy and politics.  In so doing, it explains how power relationships frame the way organisations can work together or limit the options for formal or complementary working relationships.

The article focuses on sport, but it has wider relevance to those who study interactions between the state, business and non-profit organisations in a local, national or global context.

Lindsey, I., Chapman, T. and Dudfield, O. (2019)  ‘Configuring relationships between state and non-state actors: a new conceptual approach for sport and development’, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics:  https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/XJRHZCPGQIMUBNWBQVTE/full?target=10.1080/19406940.2019.1676812