Daily Archives: 30th January 2019

Burns Night Formal

Burns night formal last Thursday was fantastic! Freddie Bearn began the evening by piping in the guests at which the high table was seated. Alex Milne performed a wonderful rendition of ‘To a Haggis’ and subsequently the meal began…the catering team did a marvellous job; the haggis and whisky grave were delicious.

Once the meal had finished, Richard Penney delivered an excellent Toast to the Lassies and a witty retort was made by Isobel Clarke in her Toast to the Laddies!

Burns Night was a great opportunity for everyone to join in the evening’s jollities and to display their best tartan gear.  Mention must go to Sean Gallagher Gill who managed to sprout a bob of red hair for the evening.

The night finished with a jolly Ceilidh which was enjoyed by all!